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Jewelry Webshop

The jewelry offer that appears in this webshop, all the silver jewelry and stainless steel jewelry is in stock, so any jewelry is immediately available. You are welcome with continuously updated jewelry specialties every time. Enjoy your stay by the wide scale of beautiful jewelry.

You can choose in our jewelry ring catalog from a big variety of rhodium plated cubic zirconia silver rings, and other kind of rings with amber, opal, turquoise, garnet, onyx and other beautiful gemstones, rings without stones, and stainless steel rings.

We offer a wide variety of necklaces in our jewelry webshop. You will find here a large model range of plain necklaces, chains in any size different eye-catching necklace with pendant collections and anti-allergic stainless steel necklaces as well.

We have for you a big choice of beautiful earrings of different kind such as silver earrings with cubic zirconia stones, amber, garnet opal, onix and more other sparkling gemstones and plain earrings from silver and from stainless steal in any shapes.

Certainly you will find a bracelet or bangle to your liking in our jewelry catalog. There is a big selection of silver and anti-allergic stainless steel bracelets and bangles with different kind of gemstones, like opal, amber garnet etc. or without stones as well.

Jewelry and its history

Jewelry is a form of personal ornament. They are many different form of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, brooches.
With some exception such as military dog tags, or medical alert bracelets, jewelery differs from other personal ornament in that it has no other purpose than to look attractive, but it has been producing and wearing for a long time. The jewelry as old as the humankind, older than the clothing, because the man's vanity and self-decoration spirit, the use of jewelry prevailed even then and there, where the lack of culture and the climate made the were of dress unnecessary.
Jewelry can be made from many different materials, but gemstones, precious metals, beads and shells have been often used. Depending on the culture and times jewelery was appreciated as a status symbol, for meaningful symbols, for its material properties, or its patterns. Jewelry is made to beautify nearly every part of the body, from necklaces to toe rings.

You can read more about the Jewelry and its History here!