1. The Webshop as a whole, its graphic elements, text and technical solutions, and the elements of the Service are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights (including, in particular, trademark protection). Service Provider is the copyright holder or its authorized Customer for all content displayed on the Webshop and in the provision of services available through the Webshop: any copyrighted work or other intellectual creation (including, but not limited to, all graphics and other materials, layout and editing of the Webshop interface, software and other solutions used, idea, implementation).

The content or parts of the Webshop may be saved or printed on physical or other data carriers for private use or with the prior written consent of the Service Provider. Use beyond private use - such as storage in a database, transmission, publication or downloading, placing on the market - is only possible with the prior written permission of the Service Provider.

2. In addition to the rights expressly set forth in these GTC, the registration, use of the Webshop or any provision of the GTC does not grant the Customer the right to use or utilize any of the trade names or trademarks on the Webshop. Apart from the display, temporary reproduction and private copying involved in the proper use of the Webshop, these intellectual works may not be used or exploited in any other form without the prior written permission of the Service Provider.

3. The Service Provider reserves all rights to all elements of its service, in particular the domain name of, the subdomains belonging to it, all other domain names occupied by the Service Provider, its sub-pages and the Internet advertising surfaces. All activities aimed at listing, organizing, archiving, hacking, decrypting the source code of the Service Provider's database are prohibited, unless the Service Provider grants special permission to do so.

4. It is prohibited to modify, copy, place new data or overwrite existing data in the Service Provider's database by bypassing the interface or search engines provided by the Service Provider without using a separate agreement or using the service provided for this purpose.

5. By using the Service, the Customer agrees that the Service Provider may use the data uploaded by the Customer during the use of the Service within the framework of the relevant Data Protection Information at any time and anywhere, without restrictions and without paying a separate fee.

6. If Service Provider grants a Customer a right to use the Content or any part thereof in accordance with a separate agreement between them with the content specified therein, and to which the Customer has access, or the Customer gains access as a result of this Agreement, such right of use only to the content specified in the agreement; or content, valid only for the period of its or their availability on the Webshop or for the period specified in the agreement, in accordance with the specified conditions.