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Silver jewelry with Swarovski Chrystal

21.11.2011. 14:59:59 (GMT +1)

The silver jewelry with Swarovski crystal is a top product of today. The Swarovski lead chrystals are perfectly cut with laser technique and got liked by most cuonsumers because of its light refletion and sparkling in big variety of colors. The most brilliant jewelry are made from many small chrystals planted in resin. Although these jewelry are more sensitive because of the adhesive technology of manufacturing and recommended only for occasional use. When the jewelry is made form one large or some middle size chrystals, they are set usualy and much more resistant and of course their sparkling is also prominent enough. The chrystals have a wide range of shapes as heart shape, the drop, oval, square and round forms through a variety of non-figurative forms. It is up to the producers which types of models they use. Any silver jewelry made with genuine Swarovski chrystals are usualy provided with „Made With Swarovski Elements” labels.
In the Jewelry Encyclopedia you can read more about Swarovski chrystals.
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Jewelry from Izrael

21.11.2011. 14:21:15 (GMT +1)

This is a very unique kind of jewelry, showing the original style of Izrael. This jewelry collection is produced in Izrael by famous jewelers. It is characterized by the use of different religious motives, the antique, aged effect and the use of some typical precious stones as: black onyx, garnet, opal, pearl, which fit extremely well for this style of jewelry. This style has become very popular among jewelry fans , because they are a rarity and attracts the eyes with its beauty. With a matching elegant clothing it's expressly fashionable and gives a unique look for its wearer.
Take a look in our jewelry catalog to see the silver rings with opal, silver earrings with garnet, or the silver necklaces with garnet for example and choose the best jewelry for your taste from this unique style.

Earrings, Silver Earrings, Ear Studs

21.11.2011. 13:51:01 (GMT +1)

The earrings are beautiful jewelry fashion for women. Nowadays the earring becomes a popular jewelry also for men. Regarding the forms may be plug in (ear studs), hanging, or with clasps types, made with different gemstones, decorated with pearls, or a simple version, which one can have for example a ring shape.
The earrings are generaly made from prcious metals, like gold or silver, but there are nenumerous commonly used other materilas for earrings. But most earrings made of those materials can be named only as jewelry imitation. The rhodium plated silver earrings with cubic zirconia stone for example are very attractive jewelry for a reasonable price.
By browsing in our constantly updated earrings offer you will find the most diverse earrings and the anti-allergic stainless steel earrings models as well.

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Jewelry Catalog

09.11.2011. 13:06:59 (GMT +1)

In our jewelry web-shop a wide range of offered jewelry can be found in catalog system organized. Most users do not arrive with the exact determination to our site, but in most cases the vizitor already knows what type of jewelry he (she) is interested in. Therefore, in order to the easy browsing we divided the basic categories into the following categories: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, etc.. within them the jewelry categories optionally can be confined such as: silver rings with cubic zirconia with precious stones, or even stainless steel bracelets.
The jewelry offer in the catalog is always current, so what you find there, you can order and can be delivered immediately and within 2 - 5 working days (depending of the country of destination) you will receive at your home address. The photos in the jewelry catalog are completely realistic. The photos were prepared by our own photographers about the current jewelry.
Our jewelry several times has to pass quality inspection before sending to the client. Nevertheless, for all of the jewelry purchases from us we give 14 days money-back guarantee.
You can browse in our jewelery catalog to your liking, and if any questions arise you can find an answer at the information menu, feel free to send an e-mail to our customer service and you will receive an answer soon!


09.11.2011. 12:27:33 (GMT +1)

The silver is the most white metal among other metals. The silver is used for producing money and ornamental articles, according to its brightness and favorable properties.
Since ancient times known and widely used metal. Long time ago it has been used to manufacture mirrors. The silver is the best thermal and electrical conductor compared to other metals. Harder than copper, but softer than gold. It can be granted very well, so the jewelry manufacturing is quite easier from silver than from other precious metals.
The most common is the 925 Sterling silver, which means minimum 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals contents for the hardness and durability of the silver alloy. The silver jewelry can be made plain (uncoated) or with various coating like rhodium or gold. The gold coated silver jewelry seems confusingly as real gold jewelry, the rhodium plated looks like white gold.
Otherwise the rhodium coated silver jewelry is more resistant than the simple one because of the hardness of the coating metal.
The uncoated silver jewelery are usually polished to make its surface bright, or using a special surface treatment to get an antique effect.
Take a look in the jewelry webshop of our website, where you can find a big variety of silver rings, silver earrings, silver necklaces and silver bracelets or bangles. We also have silver accessories, silver cleaning cloth and jewelry gift boxes.

Jewelry Webshop

09.11.2011. 09:52:20 (GMT +1)

Jewelry sales were not always evident over the internet. The first jewelry web-shops began to appear only at the end of the 90-es. Today the on-line shopping is well-known and worldwide accepted, and with this the on-line ordering of jewelery and other fashion items, such as. clothes, perfumes, etc.. Among the first products sold on internet should be mentioned the books as the best example. Over time, this method has won the trust of users, seeing its simplicity and reliability, especially the saving of time. In general, the range is much larger than the offline stores and in a good working system anything can be found more easily, especially by using the search engines.
The sale of jewelry perhaps started a little harder, because customers like to try on the chosen jewelry to see how it looks and fits. To overcome this obstacle more and more perfect photo illustrations are coming in use, more detailed product descriptions as dimensions and product specifications and of course not forget the right of withdrawal, allowing the customer to return the jewelry for receiving the originally purchase price, or changing to another jewelry. The on-line jewelry sales are usually slightly cheaper than the traditional jewelry-store sales, which is possible because of the reduced operating costs (although this is not always the case), so the shipping cost is negligible.
We (Extreme Silver Kft.) launched our jewelry web-shop among the firsts in Hungary in 2002. We had two previous jewelry websites and recently started the third, latest generation web-shop, using the latest web standards and a more beautiful design. We have emphasized to be more user-friendly, easy to use, the better visual appearance and of course it was paid more attention to quality natural looking photos of jewelry. And so on, we develop and continually strive to give users a rich experience moments to spend with us and find the jewelery they are looking for, or desire.
Our customers will surely get what they have selected and saw on the image. Please take your time and enjoy your stay in our jewelry web-shop.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

08.11.2011. 17:18:41 (GMT +1)

This is a commonly known jewelry, however it was accepted as a kind of jewlry with skepticism by the jewelery industry. In fact its material is not a precious metal like silver or gold, but the surgical stainless steel is a fine version of stainless steel (named: 316L) which is skin-friendly and can be worn of people who have metal allergy. But the market trend is mainly determined by the consumer what they accept, what they like, so this kind of jewelry became generally accepted due to its popularity. It gives a unique appearance his owner.

Since it is usually not about cast jewelry, but they are made on mini lathe or milling machines, stands out with its definite lines and gives the expression for this style. The high-polishing gives a gloss surface to the jewelry through which it will reach the final, impressive look of stainless steel jewelery. These jewelry is quite hard and more resistant to the scratches. The stainless steel jewelry when they are manufactured according to standards (I mean the material purity and the proper ratio of the alloy), than it becomes a real antiallergic jewelry.

In order to the greater choice they are produced with different shapes and some different surface color. Such is the so-called PVD coating. This coating does not change the substance of the metal, this is a surface coloring, of which the most common are gold and black colors.

There are stainless steel jewelry with precious stones, but most used stone is the cubic zirconia. Its appearance is very attractive and measured to the price range of this kind of jewelry.

If you are interested in these types of jewelry, check out our stainless steel jewelry offer and choose for yourself the jewelry that fits you the best. You will find a vide scale of stainless steel rings, stainless steel earrings, stainless steel bracelets and bangles, or stainless steel necklaces as well. If you place an order we try to send at the same day (business days) and it will be delivered in a short time (depending of the country of destination) to your home address.

Silver Ring

08.11.2011. 16:16:35 (GMT +1)

The silver ring can be a lovely gift for the loved one. The custom of giving and receiving rings dates back over some thousand years.
The fourth digit or ring finger of the hand has become the customary place to wear a wedding ring in most places of the world. It is associated with an old belief that the left hand's ring finger is connected by a vein directly to the heart: the vena amoris or vein of love. The rings can be made of many different materials, such as wood, leather, glass, of course, gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron and other metals, even more recently, silicon-based rings have become widely popular.
Of course, the precious metal jewelry, or rings represent the true value. The gold rings were at the first place as a gift for a long time, but the recent strong rise in gold prices resulted the silver jewelry to be considered as the best alternative. Of course, there are many people who like the silver jewelry and rings, because of their unique appearance.
For those people who are considering the silver rings as an alternative of the gold rings, the gold plated silver rings can be recommended. This causes only a minimal increase of the basic price of silver rings, but it looks completely identical to the gold rings. The alternative to the white gold rings would be the rhodium plated silver rings. It is very beautiful and resistant jewelry thanks to the favorable properties of rhodium.
It exist a various ring shapes and styles. In our wide scale of ring offer you can find silver rings with cubic zirconia, silver rings with Swarovski chrystals, silver ring with opal, silver ring with onyx, silver ring with garnet, or amber and many other different models.
If you like any ring in our webshop, you may order it for very favorable prices and it will be delivered to your home address within 2 – 5 business days, depending of the country of destination. Gift boxes for rings can be ordered as well.
Please take a look in our jewelry web-shop at the ring offer here!

Silver necklace

08.11.2011. 15:41:12 (GMT +1)

The silver jewelry is gaining more and more popularity recently in the jewelry fashion. One of the reasons is the massive increasing prices of gold jewelry, but of course there are a lot of people who like silver for its unique color and appearence. Regardless of whether we are talking about women or men necklaces, both are equally popular.

Some necklace model as an example:

Round Snake Chain, Square Snake Chain, Venetian Cube, Round King Chain, Square King Chain, Flat King Chain, Anchor, Spiga, Cobra Spiga, Scharless, Ball Scharless, Bismark, Figaro, Pancer, Double Pancer, Overhead Pancer, S-Pancer, Rose, Gucci, Garibaldi, Mona Lisa, Walles, Singapur and many other different unique hand made necklaces. Most of the necklace models exist in solid and pressed (hollow inside) design. The last ones make the illusion of a thicker and larger necklace with a weight decreasing of 30% - 40%.
An attractive jewelry for women can be a small thin snake chain in combination with a beautiful cubic zirconia or other precious stone pendant.
Men prefer a slightly thicker silver chain, but their thickness and type is relative of course. The necklace has to be selected most appropriate to one's own individual taste and individuality. By the choice, of course there is also important, the happy owner how and in what kind of environment will use it.
Before choosing the silver jewelry you need to know that compared to another jewelry, for ex. to the stainless steel jewelry is more sensitive to environmental influences (blackening etc).
Check out our jewelry and necklace selection and if you like any of them, you can order immediately in the webshop. Your order will be delivered within few days with the GLS courier service to your home address (the delivery time depeends of the country of destination).
Of course we give 30 days money back guarantee for all jewelry and necklace products!

Jewelry hallmarks

08.11.2011. 15:22:02 (GMT +1)

Silver jewelry as precious metals are subject to the metal act handling. The meaning of 925 Sterling Silver is at least 92.5% silver content in the metal alloys. The "925" silver hallmark stamped in the silver jewelry (matching this criteria) is in most countries accepted. In Hungary, the official requirement is that any silver jewelry should bear a hallmark separately. In some EU member states there is a metal handling rule, which is identical or very similar to the Hungarian rules, such as the Slovak Republic and Poland. There are minor differences in the precious metal rule. For ex.: in Hungary the silver jewelry which is less than 2 g is not subject to the hallmark stamping, in Poland this limit is 5 grams etc..
All jewelry sold by Extreme Silver Kft. (Ltd.) respects in all the above mentioned requirements, regarding the quality of the material and the metal hallmark regulation.

Jewelry - Gift

08.11.2011. 15:13:29 (GMT +1)

The jewelry beautiful and perfect gift for any occasion!
We would like to give for you ideas for gift shopping. The jewelry is a perfect and lasting gift for ladies and gentlemen, making happy both of them.
In our jewelery shop can be found high quality jewelry at low prices. The delivery of jewelry is made within two to five working days, depending of the country of destination. We give warranty to the jewelry and we also give a 14-day money back guarantee (well above the official 8 days right of withdrawal.
The gift should be special and valuable, but at a reasonable price. Our jewelry safely meet these criteria. Make sure also yourself. You also may order jewelry box beside the jewelry, which makes the gift suit the occasion.
For women I would recommend a beautiful jewelry set with cubic zirconia containing rings, earrings and necklace with a matching pendant for ex., but a nice ring in a gift box may be also sufficient.
For men would be recommended some stainless steel jewelery, as a rings or bracelet, which is particularly popular type of jewelry now.
Take a look at our jewelry selection and read some of the thousands satisfied customer's review! Give a memorable gift of jewelry. Surprise your loved one for any holiday, anniversary, or even get yourself pleasure.