Shipping Charges

Jewelry Package Shipping:

All items shown on our website we have in stock and we ship within 24 hours (business days) from payment day in a package with insurance. Of course, we strive to serve any order as fast as possible (if we get an order before 12:00 am) we will ship the same day. As soon as your package has been shipped we will e-mail you a package identification number (Track&Trace). Your jewelry package will be delivered by the GLS courier service to your home address (or any other address specified on your order). The courier will deliver the package between 8-17 o'clock. If you are not at home the courier leaves a notification in your mailbox or on your door with his telephon number. You may contact him to make an appointment for the second delivery. Your package will be delivered the next day again.

Discount jewelry package shipping charge list to countries of EU:

1. Zone 8.0 €
2. Zone 9.0 €
Austria, Belgium, Bohemia, Bulgaria, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia
3. Zone 12.0 €
Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, San Marino, United Kingdom
4. Zone 15.0 €
Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

Payment methods for the chosen jewelry:

  • Payment with your Paypal account
  • Payment with your Credit card or Debit card
  • Payment in cash on delivery with the official currency of the country of destination - COD. (The availability of this option is depending of the country of destination.)
    The jewelry prices appear in € on the webshop, but if you choose COD, at the end of your order it will appear in the official currency of the country of destination, calculated by the actual daily middle rate of change. (You have to pay that amount for the curier.) The invoice will be issued in €.

Our prices on the webshop are discount retail customer prices include 21.67% VAT.

Delivery time is depending of the destination country as follows:

2 business days:
3 business days:
Austria, Bohemia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia
4 business days:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, San Marino
5 business days:
France, Italy, Latvia, Monaco
6 business days:
Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Of course, we strive to serve any order as fast as possible (if we get an order before 12:00 am) we will ship the same day.

Upon receipt of the jewelry package you have to check it at the prezent of the courier, if it is not injured. If the package is injured, please do not receive it!


If you want to receive the package at your working place, please do not forget to to make sure, there is somebody who receive the package (for ex.: doorman etc.) in your place, in case of the courier would not reach you!