The silver is the most white metal among other metals. The silver is used for producing money and ornamental articles, according to its brightness and favorable properties.
Since ancient times known and widely used metal. Long time ago it has been used to manufacture mirrors. The silver is the best thermal and electrical conductor compared to other metals. Harder than copper, but softer than gold. It can be granted very well, so the jewelry manufacturing is quite easier from silver than from other precious metals.
The most common is the 925 Sterling silver, which means minimum 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals contents for the hardness and durability of the silver alloy. The silver jewelry can be made plain (uncoated) or with various coating like rhodium or gold. The gold coated silver jewelry seems confusingly as real gold jewelry, the rhodium plated looks like white gold.
Otherwise the rhodium coated silver jewelry is more resistant than the simple one because of the hardness of the coating metal.
The uncoated silver jewelery are usually polished to make its surface bright, or using a special surface treatment to get an antique effect.
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