Silver necklace

The silver jewelry is gaining more and more popularity recently in the jewelry fashion. One of the reasons is the massive increasing prices of gold jewelry, but of course there are a lot of people who like silver for its unique color and appearence. Regardless of whether we are talking about women or men necklaces, both are equally popular.

Some necklace model as an example:

Round Snake Chain, Square Snake Chain, Venetian Cube, Round King Chain, Square King Chain, Flat King Chain, Anchor, Spiga, Cobra Spiga, Scharless, Ball Scharless, Bismark, Figaro, Pancer, Double Pancer, Overhead Pancer, S-Pancer, Rose, Gucci, Garibaldi, Mona Lisa, Walles, Singapur and many other different unique hand made necklaces. Most of the necklace models exist in solid and pressed (hollow inside) design. The last ones make the illusion of a thicker and larger necklace with a weight decreasing of 30% - 40%.
An attractive jewelry for women can be a small thin snake chain in combination with a beautiful cubic zirconia or other precious stone pendant.
Men prefer a slightly thicker silver chain, but their thickness and type is relative of course. The necklace has to be selected most appropriate to one's own individual taste and individuality. By the choice, of course there is also important, the happy owner how and in what kind of environment will use it.
Before choosing the silver jewelry you need to know that compared to another jewelry, for ex. to the stainless steel jewelry is more sensitive to environmental influences (blackening etc).
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