Terms & Conditions

I. The Service Provider

  1. The www.extremesilver.eu online shop is operated by the Extreme Silver Co. Ltd. (hereafter: " Service Provider ").
  2. The company name of the service provider: Extreme Silver Trading and Services Company Limited. The short name of the service provider: Extreme Silver Co. Ltd.
  3. The head office of the service provider: Szent Istvan ut 12, 5700 Gyula, Hungary
  4. According to the decision issued by the the Hungarian Trade and Licensing Office (www.mkeh.hu) the service provider (Company registration number:04-09-006569, registered in 17.01.2005. by the Bekes County Court as Court of Registration (5700 Gyula, Kossuth square 9.), Tax No.: 13422431-2-04) under the registrations Number C/003 666/2005 according to law, may conduct a mail order activities.
    Registrations Number for the trade with precious metals: PR5049

II. Using the service

  1. To place an order of extremesilver.eu online store only electronically available, via Internet on the www.extremesilver.eu web address.
    Orders by phone, fax, e-mail, mail the Service Provider does not accept.
    The service provider send all informations related to the orders electronically to the customers.
    Before placing the order, the user has possibility to modify his (her) data provided during registration. The order is regarded as a contract bound on the Internet, without a signature, the contents of which are archived and subsequently available to be retrieved.
  2. If the ordered product is not available, the Service Provider shall immediately inform the customer and return the prepaid amount to the customer within 14 day after the communication.
  3. The related legislation to the right of withdrawal is after the Directive 1999/44/EC Of The European Parliament And Of The Council.
    3/1. Pursuant to the Directive 1999/44/EC Of The European Parliament And Of The Council the customer may withdraw his purchase eight working days from receiving.
    If the customer did not received written confirmation until this date, the customer may apply his right of withdrawal within 8 working days from receiving of conformation, or maximum 3 months from receipt of the product.
    If withdrawal is given in writing, it is sufficient to send the declaration within 8 working days.
    3/2. The date of receiving is the receiving the product in the shop, or in case of home delivery the date of receipt from the courier. These can be proven with the receipt of the shop or the receipt given by the courier.
    3/3. You shall send back the undamaged product at your own expense, to the address of Extreme Silver Co. Ltd. (Szent Istvan ut 12, Gyula, 5700-Hungary) and we will return the purchase amount to you wthin 14 days. In case of withdrawal the customer bear only the cost of returning the product.
    3/4. The refund does not apply to shipping cost.
    3/5. COD returned packages, we have no possibility to receive.
    3/6. In the event when the product has been taken in use by the customer, and is not able to send us back undamaged we do not accept the repurchase of the product.
    3/9. Service provider may require the compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the product.
  4. The guideline for the Service provider’s responsibility of the warranty and guarantee the concerning regulation of the Directive 1999/44/EC Of The European Parliament And Of The Council.
  5. If the ordered product is wrong, possibly damaged by the transportation, the Service provider will replace it free of charge. If the replacement is not possible, the customer may get a discount by the next purchase or may withdraw the purchase depending on his (her) choice.
  6. The Service provider do everything possible to make all dates precise appearing on the webside (products, contacts, descriptions, etc.).
    The guideline for the Service provider’s responsibility for possible mistakes which may occur the concerning regulation of the Directive 1999/44/EC Of The European Parliament And Of The Council.
  7. Additional terms and conditions for using the services provided by the Service provider can be read on the www.extremesilver.eu webside Informations menu.
  8. The user has full responsibility for any order and other trasaction, during which his (her) password has been used. Therefore please ensure to maintain the secrecy of your password. The user’s responsibility does not exist if his (her) password reached to unauthorized person(s) through no fault of his (her) own.
    The Service provider is not liable for orders not being carried out, for delay, for losses resulting from service outage and/or any information loss of business or private nature.

III. Other provisions

  1. The system of the Service provider may collect informations, datas about the activity of users, which shall not be connected with the user’s datas given by registration nor with datas generated by using other websides or services.
  2. The Service provider is entitled to send newsletter or promotional letter for the user, if the customer previously, clearly, expressly and voluntarily agreed this by giving his (her) personal datas by the registration.
    The Service provider is not obliged to control if the user’s datas given by registration are correct or accurate.
  3. The user is entitled to revoke his (her) voluntary contribution refered under III.2. at any time. In this case, after the revocation the Service provider does not send anymore newsletter or promotional letter for the user and deletes the user’s datas from the list of other newsletter subscribers.
  4. The Service provider will be bound by the Code of Conduct of the Hungarian Association Of Content Providers.
  5. Written criticism about products, and other related reviews always reflect the position of users, for their content the Service provider is not responsible.
    The Service provider reserves the right to delete any reviews insulting public taste, business interests or with illegal content.
  6. Customer’s complaint handling shall be in writing in e-mail on the info@extremesilver.eu address.